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your problem

you see like one of our partners, duschbrocken.de, that your design and store no longer lives up to the brand. constant new problems and headaches

a lot of potential lies on the line

very high maintenance costs

your solution

after a unified data analysis and with enhanced customer understanding, we developed designs and user experiences you've never seen before in shopify

sets you apart from other brands

completely customizable even after relaunch

how do you go further than the standard?

with a self-developed process

every project shakes up the d2c sector: data-driven & holistic, for distinctive designs - get your unfair competitive advantage with our unique approach!

with the best ux designers in the industry

we live and breathe e-com and work exclusively in the d2c sector. we know what users want, how to convince them and how to make them never forget your store!

with a fundament of data & customer understanding

pure beauty in design won't get you too far in e-commerce. what it takes: a unique combination of data analysis and perfect customer understanding.

we are focused on what we can deliver 100% and not a 360 degree agency!

over 100 companies have already worked with us

a unique process for unique brands

Data as a basis

we need data, data, data! that's why we dig deep into the toolbox: we analyze your website and your visitors down to the last detail. data is abstract - to make it tangible, we summarize everything in our own dashboard overview. no design without data!

Kundenver-ständnis als Hebel nehmen

für deine brand machen wir den Sigmund Freud und setzen deine kunden auf die couch: wir finden heraus, was sie wirklich beschäftigt.

Leveraging customer understanding

For your brand, we do Sigmund Freud and put your customers on the couch: we find out what's really on their minds.

Design as communication

Design als Kommu-nikation

whether playful or serious, reserved or flashy - we give your brand the right voice. we always optimize the web design for conversions: with tailor-made design and perfect UX.

custom solutions as the solution

we start with the exact implementation and development of the new design according to the discussed specifications - everything dynamic, so that it remains completely customizable for you in the future!

status & testing

Beyondesign delivers long-term solutions - so we continue to collect data to validate our results and make optimizations. The advantage of a data-driven approach is the measurability of all decisions.

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insights and tips from over 100.000.000€ in revenue

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not only do the designs speak for themselves, so do our customer testimonials

christoph lung

founder & managing director duschbrocken

From our side planned adjustments to our existing website became a complete relaunch of our store with Valentin and his team. For us, the mix of data-driven analyses and the high level of design in the implementation was the decisive factor for the start of a joint collaboration. Communication and speed of implementation are absolutely top-notch, which is why we continue to enjoy working with Beyondesign beyond the relaunch.

lisa marie

founder story of mine

The collaboration with Valentin and his team works flawlessly and very well. They developed a completely new online store for us and took us through every step of the development. The team is always available, provides remedies and responds to our wishes. Even after the completion of the new store, we regularly look at the results and are in close contact with them. I can highly recommend working with beyondesign.

andi beka

founder itemsnest

We all think that the deliverables are amazing! We all had a very positive feeling looking at the home page. Adorable 3d assets with the right symbology and meaning! We can't wait to see more! 💪

Axel brun

founder aesparel

Where others go the extra mile (if at all), Valentin and his team run an extra marathon. From day one, there was a clear schedule, which was adhered to 100%. The result: an extremely performant, elegant and above all user-friendly new storefront that expresses our DNA and offers an optimal customer journey. We are thrilled all around and can say that beyondesign is the best performing agency we have ever worked with.

more than 2.300.000 €

are generated per month via online stores developed by us

more than
100 clients

have already worked with us and are thrilled about the results

team of 5
& 1 office

for every step we have our experts in the team!


of experience already collected and experienced for you

you want more?

you are not the only one. these partners have already left standard behind them


aesparel was no longer happy with the store. outdated and no longer fitting the brand.  

store has not stood out from the industry

look and feel no longer fit the brand

the solution

We did a data based redesign. Very clean, but still fitting perfectly for a sporty community.

pleasant and perfected user experience

clear communication of all the usps


a generic product that is distinguished by the creativity of the motifs. But where can that be found?

a boring look that is different from no one

no focus on the customer's wishes

the solution

we have shown how to gain unfair competitive advantages from such a standard product with data-based designs

clear differentiation from any competition

Completely customizable even with large product catalog